The first unfurling of the Manuscript Across America scroll at Lucidity Festival April 8th - 10th was a great success. A prolific outpouring of expression came to grace the paper over the weekend. Some folks came by to read others' contributions, some stayed and wrote for several minutes, a few created art pieces over the course of many hours, and one particularly curious character didn't realize that the paper had been put away for the night so opted to write on the imaginary scroll instead. Overall, the messages were centered around love and gratitude, but there were several humorous insights as well, including "Feck Pefucktion." I'm guessing that somewhere between 60-90 feet of scroll were filled up in all. Impressive!

The following Tuesday, April 12th, we headed up Highway One for a session at the Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur. It was a gorgeous, mellow afternoon on the front deck of the library "where nothing happens." Several children drew pictures on the scroll, including a young girl from Tiburon who wrote "All we need is love" & "End the war way now. I'm tired of it." An army veteran wrote a 20-minute rant but preferred not to be interviewed. A kind couple from Eugene, Oregon wished me luck and gave me twenty bucks. 

Thanks to all who have contributed so far and I look forward to interacting with many more of you out on the road. Stay tuned for the first out-of-state installations beginning April 21st in Las Vegas, Nevada.